Online Resources

Online Resources


Scholarly Organizations for Animal Protection

Media Watchdog Groups for Animal & Environmental Protection

Animal Rights Media

Media Reform Organizations

Professional Media Organizations for Human Minority Groups


Scholarly Organizations for Animal Protection:

Animals & Society Institute (ASI)

Faunalytics (formerly the Humane Research Council) of stats 

Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS)

International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)

Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy


Media Watchdog Groups for Animal & Environmental Protection: (campaign by Spanish activists to end the use of wild animals in media productions)  (and there is a version in Spanish). (European coalition group promoting a pledge for media-makers to avoid using wild animals)

PETA’s site for protection of animals used in film (U.S. context), to report abuse and see alternatives to use of live animal actors.

Center for Environmental Filmmaking (at American University)

DawnWatch (animal news watch group whose listserv alerts you to major news stories on animals so you can give the media feedback)

Environmental Media Association awards

HSUS Genesis Media Awards for animal protection

Society of Environmental Journalism (SEJ) (also gives awards)


Animal Rights Media:

Animal Film Festival (out of California, USA)

The Animals Voice (and “Earthlings”) magazines

Animal Rights Zone podcasts

Animals Today Radio

The Dodo animal news organization

Fur Bearer Defender Radio podcasts and blog (Canada)

Jane Unchained “video for the voiceless” animal rights media blog by broadcast reporter Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Psychology Today’s Animal Emotions column by biologist Dr. Marc Bekoff Also see his book Rewilding Our Hearts as Chapter 4 is his instructions for how to “rewild the media”

Sympathy at Slaughter – Canadian group who documents farmed animals headed to slaughter and spreads photos and videos on social media. Videos:  and still photos on Instagram:

Their Turn – Website for animal rights news, commentary, and calls to action.

Tribe of Heart films

VegNews Magazine (USA)

Vegan Easy Magazine (Australia)

Vegan Life Magazine (UK)

‘We Animals’ photojournalism record of nonhumans in the human environment (by Jo-Anne McArthur)

WRFG-Atlanta radio’s “In Tune to Nature” eco & animal protection program (Tuesdays 6:30pm EST

WRFG-Atlanta radio’s “Second Opinion Radio” animal rights program (Wednesdays 6pm EST


Media Reform Organizations:

Adbusters anti-commercialism organization and magazine

Center for Public Integrity (in support of investigative journalism)

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

Free Press

Media Channel

PR Watch by the Center for the Study of Media & Democracy

Wildlife Filmmaking: IWFF Guidelines for Ethical Wildlife Filmmaking by the Center for Environmental Filmmaking and the International Wildlife Film Festival.


Professional Media Organizations for Human Minority Groups:

Asian-American Journalists Association

GLBTQ (GLAAD) guidelines

Institute for Public Accuracy (works on behalf of progressive, grassroots orgs)

National Association of Black Journalists

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association

Native American Journalists Association

National Black Public Relations Society of America

National Center on Disability and Journalism

Women: Organizations supporting women in media (a list)