Educational Materials

Educational Materials

We will be developing and sharing resources here that media instructors can use in the classroom or media managers can use in employee training to practice and explore ways to incorporate the ‘’ guidelines into daily media content. 


This is a six page handout that is a print version of our guidelines for all media professions and the public.



Environmental & animal media ethics issues  This is a handout to go along with reviewing the site for prompting university-level discussion on issues in journalism, advertising, and entertainment media.


Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Animals:  New York Times Teaching & Learning Network



Podcast about (especially entertainment guidelines)

17 minute audio clip, aired October 28, 2014 on 89.3FM Atlanta radio “In Tune to Nature” program hosted by Dr. Carrie Freeman and featuring Dr. Debra Merskin as guest.

Brief audio clip reviewing the need for

3 minute segment of Dr. Carrie Freeman discussing the need for a media styleguide for animals. Aired on Second Opinion Radio (an Atlanta-based animal rights radio show), October 29, 2014. Host Melody Paris.

Podcast interview on improving ethical problems in the wildlife filmmaking industry

25 minute interview of Filmmaker and Film Professor Chris Palmer at American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking, about his book “Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker” and how to rectify the unethical practices of a ratings-driven industry. Aired on July 28, 2015 on 89.3FM-Atlanta radio show “In Tune to Nature.” Interviewed by host Dr. Carrie Freeman. (FYI: fast forward through first 2 minutes and 55 seconds of intro music).


More to come!