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Podcast about (especially entertainment guidelines)

17 minute audio clip, aired October 28, 2014 on 89.3FM Atlanta radio “In Tune to Nature” program hosted by Dr. Carrie Freeman and featuring Dr. Debra Merskin as guest.

Brief audio clip reviewing the need for

3 minute segment of Dr. Carrie Freeman discussing the need for a media styleguide for animals. Aired on Second Opinion Radio (an Atlanta-based animal rights radio show), October 29, 2014. Host Melody Paris.

Podcast about need for guidelines for Journalism

16 minute interview of Dr. Carrie Freeman by journalist Michael Howie, June 2015, of the Fur Bearer Defenders group in Canada, with portions discussing fair news coverage of wildlife encounters with humans. It starts at 11 minutes 30 seconds into the podcast (after the animal protection lawyer’s discussion of animal welfare laws in Quebec).