The time has come and we’re ready to rock the media world with a new style guide that focuses on animals and the best ways in which to represent them in a posthumanist digital age.

We subtitled this “A Style Guide for Giving Voice to the Voiceless” based on the Society of Professional Journalists’ ethical mandate for journalists to be a “voice for the voiceless.” We don’t mean to imply that nonhuman animals lack a voice of their own or abilities to communicate. But they do rely on humans, media producers especially, to amplify that voice for society, not only by allowing animals to speak for themselves via audio-visual media but also by selecting appropriate human spokespeople to ensure animals’ interests are more frequently and fairly included in popular culture. Let’s open our minds and hearts to start listening to the more-than-human world to which we belong!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your site evolve. I think this is an extremely important resource for all aspects of our society/culture. I anticipate many people, researchers, educators and more taking advantage of your information.

    • Hi there. I am a Sr. Lecturer at UW-Milwaukee. I teach a course called, Animals and the Media, where I and my students explore how animals are portrayed in the media and how that affects the way that people think about animals, especially in American society. I think this is such a wonderful site. I am going to share it with my students today when I see them in class. Thank you for developing this most important tool.

      • Dear Joette,
        Thank you so much for your post to our Web site. Any chance you’d be interested in sharing syllabi? I also teach an Animals and Media course at the University of Oregon. We were thinking of a syllabus share place on the resources page too, if you’d be willing.
        Many thanks – it is so great to connect with someone else doing this work!
        Deb Merskin

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